Saturday, 1 December 2012

Put your hands up for the weekend!

Source via Man Repeller (possibly my most favorite blogger in the whole entire universe)


I love Fridays. No, not really. But I really do love Sundays. It's possibly the best way to end your weekend by doing your laundry, singing tunes in your room, finally clearing the mountain of clothes that's been there for the past two weeks and preparing for an outfit post. (Although really... everyone has different things they'd like to do)

This week went by so slowly that I really do want to savour every bit of this weekend before I have to start my packing adventures to Thailand in the next week and a half. All I'm going to do there is lay on the beach, possibly tan (who am I kidding? That's all I will do), take some happy snaps and eat all day. I cannot wait. 

But before that, I need to start doing my Christmas shopping. Ugh I need to get organized! 

Until then, I'll get an outfit post up really, really soon :) Happy Sunday (and remember to smile like the adorable and absolutely gorgeous models in the above, dance naked and put your hands up!)


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